Road Test: 2012 Subaru WRX


Having owned a Subaru WRX in the past, I have quite an emotional attachment to the brand. The July 00 built ‘classic’ shape in WRC Blue. It was the last of the shape to leave the Fuji Heavy Industries docks in Japan before it set forth on its long journey from Japan to my garage.

The WRX was always a fun car to drive, after the many years of owning it, it was always a surprise and joy to drive. Power was always available when needed and the handling for its age would still out manoeuvre many younger cars on the road.


As the sales manager from the dealership threw me the keys, I knew he was taunting me. the 2012 WRC Blue Imprezza WRX was sitting ready for me to take out on the road. WIth a measly 42KM on the odometer, I knew this was going to be fun.

The stance of the car now has really grown up. The Corrolla-esque shape was quickly shaken off the 2011 style. My first thoughts on that design was “oh Subaru.. what have you done?” The new design comes with a wider style bodykit, larger and wider mag wheels with a darker style finsh, more aggressive style front and rear kit with larger bonnet scope. at the time of this review, the new S-spec gives you access to a new rear wing and front diffuser. This car has really grown up and I am so happy to see it.

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