Now that thats done….

Now that the main reason is over for the creation of this page (a uni assignment, which I went alright in thank you.) I can now access it and start updating it again.

With the birth of my little boy here soon, I will have a bit more time to post and update from here on end. It will be the same stuff, motoring news and info, there might be a little less ‘in depth’ posts on here but we will see how we go.

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This is somewhat fun.

Just finished my second post. Its about Gumball 3000 I was at a few years ago. after typing it up and re-reading it, I’m quite enjoying this blogging experience.  Having never done this before I’m interested to see where it goes from here. we might see this page continue to grow after its purpose is fulfilled!



Hello world.

Well, here I am on the internet.

This is my first blog ever!.

The purpose of this blog is to discus Motorsport related content, exotic cars, events, personal stories relevent to the site and anything else that pops into mind as I am browsing the web or come across in my day to day live.  As the site gets older Im looking forward to the content growing. I hope you enjoy as much as I do creating this.