About Blake..

I’m 25 years old and I work in the Telco industry. I have a passion for all tech and Motorsport related content. The purpose of my blog is to share what I love and I am interested in. My inspiration comes from many of the blogs I am currently linked too and programs I watch on TV such as Top Gear.

This blog is put together by myself only, all images and video uploaded and linked to is content I created myself unless credit is mentioned. I also tend to post re-tweeted content that’s related to the blog there, you more than welcome to follow us there.

I personally am a huge lover of exotic cars and Motorsport. Being able to drive cars as they were built for is my passion. I hate seeing a vehicle built for a purpose, only to have it sit in a showroom or on display, I love to see them on the track being used and driven. I will also post up reviews on events I participate in or attend to.

The blog will go over mainly events, road tests and anything else that comes up in the industry. I hope you find the blog interesting and entertaining. This is my first online blog for anything, it might take me a while but I’m sure it will grow with great content as it gets used. If you want to get into touch with me, my About.me profile linking to personal accounts I own is at the bottom of each page.




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